Nov 26, 2011

Authors I'd Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner (Top Ten Tuesday...on Sunday)

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Top Ten Authors I'd Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner
It's kind of hard to narrow down the list of authors I would want at my Thanksgiving table! There are just too many authors I want to meet/stuff my face alongside of.

1. John Green
Because I want to stalk him, but won't because that usually results in things like arrests and restraining orders. I mean, have you seen the Vlog Brothers videos? I own a Nerdfighteria t-shirt. I must meet John Green. And why not at a Thanksgiving feast? Food brings people together and stuff like that!

2. Lisa Mantchev
I imagine that having a fellow sugar/all things dessert lover at Thanksgiving dinner would result in happy madness! There are soooo many pretty pictures of sugary desserts on her blog. You should click the picture of Lisa to see pretty pictures of her dream casting of Nate and Ariel, which I whole-heartedly support by the way! 

3. Libba Bray
 Have you read the bio(s) on her website? Click the picture to do it. They rock. This is one lady who would not be a dull guest! I mean, look at the picture. Plus she has a shirt that says I'm With the Banned. I want to know where she obtained this shirt because I need one for Christmas. 

4. Gail Carriger
She would probably bring some kind of weaponized accessory, and that's awesome. And sometimes you just need someone who understands your fascination with clockwork being combined with shiny sparkly things and made into jewelry. Steampunk, yay! 

5. Carrie Jones
And Tala of course. Tala died recently :( A dog I've never met, but I was so sad for Carrie. Carrie is so sweet and she has serious guts. She was (is? I have no clue how political things work) a candidate for the Maine Legislature. She is one of the authors behind Dear Bully, an anthology about bullying. And soon after I was dumped by a guy who later told me he was gay, I found her book, Tips on Having a (gay) Ex-Boyfriend. Her books before the Need series are impossible to find in physical bookstores, but you should look them up because they rock!

6. Shelena Shorts
I love The Pace series and it gets practically no attention! Even my boyfriend loves this series. Need more books please Shelena!

7. Maria V. Snyder
I love all of her books. Her ability to create fantasy worlds is amazing. The Study series books = love. Plus she has a new series coming out soon!

8. Scott Westerfeld
Scott, why is there a blurry picture of you holding a ferret that you claim is 'just sleeping' like that? Where do you come up with all the crazy sci-fi ideas for your books? These and other questions must be answered! Heck yes let's geek out together Scott! I cannot describe how much Peeps is the best book relating to vampires ever, much less how awesome all of his other books are.

9. Stephanie Kuehnert
She is all kinds of amazing and so down to earth and sweet. Her books don't get enough attention and that's a shame because she is so talented in writing realistic, gritty YA. Stephanie is so open on her blog and I really love her Women Who Rock Wednesdays.

10. Amanda Hocking
Ok, 1. You live in my dream house from the looks of that living room! 2. I love that shirt and have considered buying it before. 3. I recently read Hollowland, which was a zombie book like The Book of Eli & Zombieland combined into one + a tiger! It was exactly the kind of zombie book I was looking for after not enjoying The Forest of Hands and Teeth. 


  1. Awww, I love this post ! I haven't read most of these authors, but I'll join you in stalking John Green. *heads to Indiana*

  2. Kat C - Haha, yeah I think this kinda turned into a list of authors who I think deserve more attention. I wonder where we should check 1st for John Green? Maybe him hanging out in the library is too conspicuous?


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