Nov 18, 2011

The Book I'm Most Thankful For!

Nancy Drew!

       There is definitely no contest here. The book I'm most thankful for is whichever Nancy Drew book I read 1st. It was awhile ago, I wish I could remember which one it was! I've always been a reader but the 1st books I was ever obsessed with were Nancy Drew books when I was about 9. My bookshelf was full of that yellow-spined goodness and I pretty much still want to be Nancy Drew.
       I love mysteries and 9-year-old me who wanted to do my author biography on Carolyn Keene could not process what a pseudonym or ghost writing was. I was just disappointed that I couldn't write about my favorite author, who was apparently many different people. But not in a crazy way.  
       Don't even get me started on the movie they made a few years ago...Nancy Drew is not a socially awkward girl who dresses like she's from the 60s. Nancy Drew wins at life. She has a college boyfriend, a convertible, and some serious sleuthing skills. She just needs to learn how to avoid chloroform rags.

The correct answer would be RUN NANCY RUN!

If you've never read a Nancy Drew book, GO DO IT! The original 56 with the yellow spines as shown at the top of the post. I'm not a fan of this spinoff stuff.

Want a nifty list of those 56 books? Of course you do. You should click here.

What book are YOU most thankful for?
Tell me in the comments or do your own blog post about it.
Seriously. There may be prizes involved:


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